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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

My Dad hates Father's Day. He also hates his birthday, and sometimes Christmas. Case in point, my father hates days where the attention is on him. In my family, we celebrate EVERYTHING. Every birthday, Christmas, Easter, anniversary, graduation, when someone hits puberty, if you sneeze etc, etc. They love celebrating and being together and having family bitch fests. I am like my father. We are introverted, prefer being alone, and drink heavily during family functions. So today I say, thanks Dad, for letting me inherit your genes and being the only other sane one in this family! I love you!

I thought it would also be fun to talk about a few of my favorite fictional fathers today as well. I am a person who tends to appreciate the strong matriarch more than the patriarch, but there are a few papa's out there that I do enjoy.

Charlie Swan from Twilight. I know, I know. Twilight. Ugh. But seriously, Charlie is the most real, down to earth, relate-able character in the books and movies for me. The casting was absolutely spot on for the movies. He gives such a funny take on the story and he says and thinks the things we, as readers, think while hearing the story.

Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones. Ok, I don't wish he was my dad. The people on this list aren't exactly candidates for Father of the Year, lol, but Tywin is a bad ass.

Al Bundy for Married...With Children. The most nonchalant, flippant, sarcastic, unsophisticated Dad ever on TV. And I love him.

And here we have the opposite of Al Bundy. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Phil is absolutely the picture perfect portrayal of my generations batch of Dads. By believing in the mantra of, 'the only way to be close to my kids is to be their friend', he represents every modern Dad out there trying to make his way in the time of internet and smart phones.

ETA: I forgot one of my favorite Dad's! Richard Castle.

Richard Castle is a Dad who acts more like a kid. Who does wacky science experiments, plays laser tag, comes home dressed like a zombie, and writes bestselling crime novels? Castle does and he is awesome.

And there you have my batch of favorite fictional Dads. What are some of your favorites?


  1. Arthur Weasley!!! I love him :) As Jean Oram said, hehe, and then I was like "Wait, he's awesome." He's my favorite. Also, Dr. Manette from Tale of Two Cities. I can't really think of any other famous fictional fathers (say that thrice :) ).

  2. LOL. My Dad and I are like your Dad and you are. I told my boyfriend that if I go back to college, I'm not going to my graduation because I hate all the focus being on me and he just doesn't get it because he loved his graduation. My Dad, however, does. He's really sweet actually. He says,"All I want for my birthday/christmas/father's day is a happy family." He doesn't want all the attention on him.


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